Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snow, Slush, and Swerving

I drove to work today in the slush mush of this mid-April snowstorm and almost had THREE car accidents. All of them would have been my fault, as my car was the one not slowing down fast enough.

I really wish I had four wheel drive, instead of just rear wheel drive. Not to mention, my anti-lock brakes drive me a little nuts. I have to force myself to remember to apply steady pressure with my foot, as opposed to pumping my brakes (which is the method I was taught in driver’s ed). It was very scary. It’s nice to be safe and sound at work.

Of course, I suppose I have to go home eventually. Great. Just great. I’m thinking of calling Brett and having him meet me here after work, so we can drive home in sight of each other.

Of course, knowing my luck, I’ll probably have to stop behind him, my brakes will fail, and I’ll crash into his bumper. My almost “fourth” accident will turn into a reality!

Maybe I’ll just spend the night here!

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Heidi said...

And you are the one who likes snow. Imagine that !! :-)