Saturday, January 06, 2007

Working Six Days a Week

Well, here I am.

All alone in my office.

On a Saturday.

I could sound like a martyr, and be all, “Sigh, sigh, poor me – having to work six days a week,” but the truth of the matter is that I like working all by myself on Saturday. The office is quiet, and I’m able to get a lot of work done.

Which is exactly what I need to do. Recently, I had to “face the music” with my boss. We’ve been inundated with projects, and I’ve just fallen behind. I was planning to do a lot of catch up work over Christmas break, but my marriage and basic exhaustion just became a factor, and I didn’t come in AT ALL, so that pushed me farther behind.

Thankfully, by God’s grace, my boss understood. So, now, I’m trying to justify her faith in me getting caught up by coming in on Saturdays and working late hours throughout the week. I hope it works.

Pray for me to have BALANCE as I strive to be my best professionally without sacrificing anything PERSONALLY important.

Speaking of work, I must say I was pleased with the recent PR campaign I organized for our most important season –that’s right, it’s cookie time! We had front page coverage on the GO section (the entertainment section) of the Rockford Register Star, at least two radio interviews so far, and two TV stations covered our local area kick-offs. My boss was VERY pleased with the campaign, so it was nice to claim a small victory, even though I’m buried under an avalanche of publication work.

I had also taken on some volunteer PR coordination work for the Alzheimer’s Association, so I’m hoping to get some work done on that as well, today, but we’ll see – since paying jobs and family come first, you know.

Enough about work - I have to be here all day, anyway – let’s move on.

Sometimes I feel lonely. Most of the time I don’t. Being an only child prepared me to enjoy solitude and to be very comfortable just being with myself. But only children are also known to be great socializers, and sometimes I miss the camaraderie I knew in college. But right when I start to feel a little friendless, things have a habit of looking up.

One of my FAVORITE co-workers, Mary, took me out for lunch on Friday. Icky food, wonderful conversation. And two of my very FAVORITE people, Angie and Carleen, both called and asked if we could make plans to get together this next week! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Last night was nice, too. After attending the cookie kick-off closest to me and taking some photographs, I came home to a husband who wanted to spend time together. We spent time together – that’s a metaphor – and cuddled up on the couch to enjoy a movie.

We watched Miami Vice. Hmmm…a VERY convoluted plot, I didn’t get it at all, but my husband cuddled up next to me AND watching the genetically-gifted Colin Farrell is my idea of a great evening.

We ordered in pizza from Rosati’s – Oh. My. Yum!

Being opposites as we are, Brett and I (of course) don’t even like the same pizza. But at Rosati’s, we can order to two small pizzas of our favorites. Brett orders the Chicago Deep Dish, and I order a White Pizza. A White Pizza is a very thin crust cheese pizza with a thin layer of Alfredo Sauce replacing the usual tomato sauce. You can also order Olive Oil in place of the Alfredo Sauce. It’s delicious! And Rosati’s has really good seasoned bread sticks – nothing will ever beat the Little Caesar’s original Crazy Bread, in my opinion - but Rosati’s is the closest.

Since Brett is on third shift schedule, he continued to stay up, but I sacked out at about midnight. When I got up this morning, he had just gone to bed, so me heading to the office will work out great – that way we can hang out tonight in that small window of time when we are BOTH conscious.

We are planning to have dinner at the Outback, thanks to Tim and Angie’s combination Christmas-and-thank-you-for-helping-us-move gift of an Outback Gift Card. After that, we’ll probably have to do some produce shopping for the rabbits…and maybe some for the humans, too!

Also, please pray for our pastor and his wife. They are still in South Carolina waiting to finalize their baby’s adoption papers, but a recent e-mail indicated there maybe some serious snags happening with the adoption. Please pray that everything will work out according to God’s will.

Okay, since I appear to be switching to more serious matters – in this rambling, conversational post – I was thinking about something on the way to work. Why don’t more Christians donate blood? Why don’t we donate kidneys and bone marrow to strangers? Wouldn’t that be the greatest witness ever? I just got to thinking about it after I saw a giant billboard ad where a man was thanking someone for donating his kidney to someone else. I thought, “Why don’t more people do that?”

Just an interesting question.

Okay, well, I’ll leave you with that thought. Also, I’ve been wondering lately why adoption is such a convoluted process. Everyone says there are children in need, but then why is it so hard to adopt? I don’t know much about it. I’m just curious.

Oh well, better get back to work!

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