Monday, January 08, 2007

The Case for Monday

I like Mondays.

I know it’s practically against the law, but I do. Monday means a nice, long, clean week in front of me with no mistakes in it…yet.

Monday means all the time in the world to get things done that need to get done. And if I don’t get it all done today, it’s okay…since it’s only Monday. You can’t say THAT on a Friday!

This Monday was nice, mainly because I actually got to work on a project for more than two minutes, and therefore actually managed to make some headway into the avalanche of work I am currently suffocating under. The reason for my progress…my boss was out of the office for the morning and (aside from a dozen e-mails) mostly left me alone.

I like my boss, but when she’s in the office, I somehow end up with more work. Go figure.

Anyway, after work, I was driving home and got hit with an amazing craving for Velveeta Shells and Cheese – my ABSOLUTE favorite! However, I got home only to discover that we were OUT of said delicacy. Bummer.

I was not deterred, mainly because the craving had turned into a desperate need. Not needy enough for me to leave the house (and my sweat pants) and drive to the store. But to search - okay, I’m stopping here because there is a helicopter air fight going over my house and it’s louder than a drum solo. Okay, now it’s over. Geesh. Talk about interrupting my train of thought…where was I? – oh, yes…

I searched the cupboards in hopes of finding a hidden box of VS&C – although if we buy one, it’s usually consumed within hours – or something very closely resembling macaroni and cheese. As I was searching – low and behold – I found these little books, a lot of them, actually. They were filled with “recipes” and there was one for BAKED MACARONI AND CHEESE, if you can believe it. I couldn’t.

Well, I didn’t really have another choice – at least not that involved me staying in my sweat pants – so, I actually gathered the ingredients, turned on the range, and pre-heated the stove.

I didn’t want to get myself psyched up, since we all know the “box” stuff tastes better than homemade nine times out of ten. What, you don’t think that? Well, your mother must have been a good cook. Mine was…well, let’s just say we ate a lot of microwave meals.

Anyhoo, I made the Mac and Cheese, and it was SO good! Mmm…good, to plagiarize Campbell’s.

I was like Laura Ingalls, a pioneer in my own kitchen. Now, I can see what you might be thinking…will I try it again?

Not if there’s a box in my cupboard, I won’t.

Sorry, but processed foods were invented for people like me. And by that, I mean, of course…the lazy.

Hey, I work hard – the last thing I want is to come home to do MORE WORK, just to eat, you know.

My Monday night finished off very nicely with my doorbell ringing - I was asked to order Girl Scout Cookies – now tell me THAT’S not a great evening!

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