Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Signs

Julie has posted an update on her blog. Zachary actually got up and went to the bathroom, showing he could obey commands although in a sleep state! This is a good sign he is closer to coming out of the coma-like state. Praise the Lord!

Here is our local newspaper’s story on the accident.

I was encouraged to see several commentators outraged that the drunk driver was released on $100 bond after:
Driving under the influence
Creating and fleeing one hit-and-run
Being involved in another hit-and-run that sent two adults and six children to the hospital
Sending one little boy to the hospital with a life-altering injury

If there are enough public outcries, maybe the politicians and prosecutors will sit up and take notice!


Alice said...

I'm so glad Zachary's condition was upgraded and he seems to be improving. I was praying for him last night.

That driver needs to be in jail for many, many years.

Juliet said...

Thanks for posting the newspaper article. It is so sad that the person could be out on bail.

Zachary was doing better today. Let's all keep praying.

Laura Brown said...

I'm so glad Zachary's condition is improving. I'll keep praying for him.

It's crazy that that woman was only charged with DUI and running a stop sign -- is the harm she caused not taken into account at all?