Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Electrolysis

Well, I’ve read umpteen blogs about the election today. Not on purpose. These are people I normally like to read. And yet…shumpth…sucked in once again.

I’ve had the whole thing crammed down my throat on the internet and on my beloved TV.

I think the only time I was this disgusted was…okay, I’m this disgusted every year, right about the time they start advertising the Super Bowl. I hate sports with just about as much passion as I hate politics.

And do you know WHY I hate politics? Because I am part of an ignored majority! Who ministers to us? Who caters to our vote? Who promises to serve us in office? WHO, I ask you! Who!

We, the apathetic, in order to seek a more perfect union wish to get back to normal. Give us the remote, dial up a black and white movie, turn on a thumping bass, and let us rock out. Bring on the same old, same old, and let’s all just get along!

Maybe it’s because we don’t like conflict.

We don’t like it when people get in each other’s faces. We’d rather not destroy relationships over something as simple, trite, and often pathetic, as political parties.

If you stab a Republican, does he not bleed? If a Democrat gets breast cancer, does she not don a pink ribbon?

We are all flesh and blood and in this crazy, mixed-up world together. We do NOT feel exhilarated by yelling ourselves hoarse in order to smash another person’s opinions, thoughts, and dreams to dust.

We are tired of being bashed for “not caring”, when really we are just trying to help the rest of you not kill each other. We cherish close relationships, time together and world peace.

So, that’s it. I leave you to it.

Wax happy, sad, or spiritual about the election, if you so wish. Call me when you’re done, and I’ll head over with the chocolate, movies, and bandages for the wounded.

Because I love you and want you to be happy.

Because that’s just the kind of person I am.

Because, we, my friends, shall overcome.


Alice said...

Yes we can!! :-)

Heidi said...

NOOOOO, not that saying. Another kool aid drinker!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I told my students that if "he" won I was going to move to Colombia. Don't think I'm not considering it. I've checked flight expenses. Maybe not permanently...maybe just four years?