Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deluded Dreams

Well, pride cometh before a fall.

There I was - proudly blogging my amazingly detailed, action-packed dreams – envisioning the reason I was so blessed was due to my innate creativity and right-brained wired mind.

So, you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise to me yesterday, as I sat in my doctor’s office, to be told a side effect of my new blood pressure medication is…extremely vivid dreams.

A side effect? Of boring blood pressure medication?


“It’s quite common,” my doctor told me as I sat there in stunned silence, seeing my reasons for intriguing dreaming reduced to a tiny, two-tone blue pill.

It’s not so bad. I suppose it’s not totally unthinkable that Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, and Stephenie Meyer might also be on blood pressure medication?

Hey, a girl can dream.


Laura Brown said...

Hey, Coleridge's "Xanadu" isn't any less brilliant for having been conceived under the influence of opium. It's only partly about the dreams themselves -- it's also about what you make of them afterward!

Juliet said...

Leave it to some pill to do that.

You might want to check out those authors. They may have been holding out on us.

Alice said...

Yeah, and think of Lewis Carroll! Ok, actually, he was a bit creepy so....maybe not.