Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Blogger Has Spoken

Just a little update to my entertainment blog links at right!

I decided to remove Stuff Christians Like. It has drifted away from good-natured mocking of common Christian or “churched” idiosyncrasies, toward more abstract spiritualization that (frankly) I don’t find helpful or grounded in Scripture.

I wish the blog creator had stuck to what he knew best and kept the funny topics and wry observations. Either way, it’s off my list of must-reads.

As an avid follower of pop culture, I am adding Pop Candy. I’ve been checking it out over the past few weeks, and it always provides a laugh along with an inside view of what’s going on in our entertainment culture. I like that it provides quick and easy link lists, and there are usually four of five topics that immediately snag my interest.

If there are other comic-lovers out there, I still highly recommend the *Comics Curmudgeon. Josh, the author, has never let me down with witty comments and undertones that often have me rolling on the floor laughing.

Also worth checking out is the awesome *Television Without Pity. If you like TV AT ALL, and you have a sense of humor, you will love this site.

*these sites are not recommended for people who might be easily offended. Just sayin’.


Alice said...

Hear, hear! (as you know) Dump SCL and check out TWoP! :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I've actually enjoyed some of his posts lately, and hadn't read any for quite some time.

O Awesome Reviewer... I've trusted your taste in movies and sites...and now I must ask you about a book. Perhaps you've already reviewed it and I missed it... hope not, but I got behind for awhile.
Anyway, have you read The Shack? Apparently it's making big waves in Christian circles. People either love it or hate, it seems. Many in my homeschool group have been raving about it, but I've had several other Christian friends warn about its serious doctrinal problems. So, what is your take on it?