Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Your Chance to Help!

A family from our church is traveling to Liberia to adopt two sisters (ages around 5 and 7) from the Acres of Hope Orphanage. Instead of having a “shower” for the girls when they get back, the family is collecting much-needed supplies for the orphanage. The family will deliver the donated supplies to the orphanage when they pick up their daughters in February.

If you’d like to help, I’ve posted the wish list of needed items below. All items should be new.

My thought was that many of us have these things around our house and could part with one or another to make life easier for children in a third-world orphanage.

If you are able to donate anything, please comment, call, or e-mail me! Donations are needed by Sunday, February 3!

Acres of Hope Orphanage

Pedialite packets (little individual serving pouches you add to water)

We need a LOT of these to help battle dehydration caused by malaria and diarrhea.
Cloth diapers
Crib sheets
Twin sheets
Pierced earrings for girls

not dangling type
Light weight baby carrier
Bottle nipples

stages 1 to 3
2 or more collapsible infant seats
Infant and children's clothes, size preemie to 12.

Boy and girl items needed. Sundresses preferred for girls, shorts and T's for boys (plus socks and underwear for both)
Shoes in all sizes
All items needed for size 2 and under

(in special need of socks now due to the rainy season.)

Things we can always use:
Regular baby bottles

(not the kind you put the plastic liner in)
Bulb syringes

(large & small)

(various kinds)
Hand towels
Bath towels
Infant and children's vitamins
Misc. over the counter medicines and ointments

(Tylenol, liquid and tablets, Motrin, Naproxen, Benadryl, anti fungal oint, antibiotic oint, anti itch cream, etc.)
Sandals and other footwear

sizes newborn to 3 adult
Hair accessories/earrings for the girls
Safety pins

Things we do not need:

Receiving blankets
Burp clothes

During Rainy Season Needs: May-Oct.
Rainy season makes it so we need about twice as many diapers and sheets as usual. Also, the clothes and the diapers do suffer a lot of wear and tear with the constant hand washing. A lot of the diapers are falling apart. And the big kids especially go through their clothes very fast (since there are so many kids there).

Guest House Needs:

Immediate Needs:
Barbeque lighter

(for lighting gas stove)
DVD Player
Heavy Duty hand can opener
Rice cooker 15-20 cup
10 flat mattress bed covers

plastic (not fitted) Twin, Double, Queen, and King
5 Queen Size sheet sets

Drawing paper for kids
Coloring books
DVD’s children and adult (Christian)
Christian CD’s - various music
Chocolate chips (regular & white)
8-10 Plastic-glass looking glasses
10 person plastic plate (large & small size) like Corning wear
Tupperware with lids of all sizes (gently used in great condition is ok)
Coffee - any kind (medium blend)
Coffee РVarious kinds (French vanilla)(Lynda loves Millstone Kalua-Vanilla Cr̬me from Safeway.)
Crystal Light – various flavors
Dry Sauce mixes (mushroom, veggie, onion, chicken, beef, etc. any)
20-30 plastic or wire coated hangers
No stick metal baking dishes (cookie sheet, bread pans, and various sizes, (used in nice condition OK)
Dried –apple, bananas, etc. fruit & nuts.
C-D Batteries
Liquid and waterless hand soap, may be in large bottle (we have dispensers)
Instant oatmeal packets, various kinds
Extra pull-ups in various sizes (incase of lost luggage)
Hot chocolate packets
Vegetable seeds- melons, cucumbers-burpless, corn, tomatoes
Miracle Gro fertilizer
Hair gel for platting kids’ hair


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Just wondered on to your blog from blogger...had to leave a comment because this is just WONDERFUL what you are doing! We (our church) serve an orphanage in Africa so I understand the need to donate. Good luck and many blessings!!


WendyJanelle said...

I have a good friend who adopted two boys from Russia and they did the same thing. There are so many needs.
I just wish it was easier and less expensive to take precious little children home...

Heidi said...

Thanks for posting this. I am sure that both the family and the orphanage will be thrilled for all the stuff they will receive.
I am so excited for our friends that I am looking forward to shopping.

Patrick Berryman said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Lacey and I are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from our church to what God is doing in us and for us through the adoption.