Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Runs in the Family

When my second cousin Megan was born, it looked like we might lose her right away.

She was born pre-mature, so tiny she could fit in the palm of a hand. I remember standing next to my mom, looking through the glass of the NICU, and wondering if she would make it. We heard whispered comments of how it didn’t look good for Megan or her parents.

Defying all odds and in testament to God’s amazing grace, Megan survived her early birth ordeal to grow into a healthy, beautiful young lady. As a member of her family, I can tell you we are all thankful God blessed us by bringing Megan into our lives.

Megan has become a wonderful young woman. She is well-spoken, polite (not sure if she’s a Rehfeldt in THAT respect), and very kind-hearted. She also has a wonderful flair for the dramatic which, het-hem, runs in the family.

This February, she will be performing in a production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory put on by the Christian Youth Theater. Of course we, as her family, are exceedingly proud she has pursued and accomplished this goal at such a young age.

I’m sure we’ll see her succeed in many other ways, as well. Perhaps one day, the Oscar will go to…Megan!

The Christian Youth Theatre has an admirable mission, and my talks with Megan’s mom (my cousin Tammy) assured me Megan had to actively pursue a part while learning the nuts and bolts of behind-the-scene theater business.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Megan “Good Lu…” oops, I mean “Break a Leg” in her upcoming performances!

Those of us in the Rockford area also have the opportunity to support Christian Youth Theater AND see a live performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

You and your family will be able to support a worthy cause for children, and enjoy a CLEAN live play performance at a great price for a night's entertainment - $8 for children and Seniors; only $10 for adults!

When you are filling out your ticket request, be sure you put “Megan Erickson” as the cast member name, so she will receive credit for the tickets.

Simply click here to purchase tickets.

Break a leg, Megan!


Anonymous said...

I could see you acting... I think you should follow her lead and try it out for something... seriously!

BJ Boehm said...

I got your message about those e-mail alerts you wanted when people post new blogs, I know how to do it...but you need a google or yahoo account, then you can setup custom alerts bassed on rss or atom feeds, the latter being ones. e-mail me for more details.