Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quantum Saturation Achieved

Well, I am emotionally exhausted.

I finally finished watching the Quantum Leap series. I stretched it out over the past few months via Netflix, but today was the day I had been waiting for – the end. I just watched the series finale – and what an emotional wallop!

Dr. Sam Becket – righter of wrongs – I salute you! Mmmm…great show. Really, really great show! Totally worth the time I invested.

Well, now that it’s over, I wonder what show I should get started on now.



psturg said...

sorry we didn't get to see much of you last weekend.

As far as the show is concerned. I just started receiving Monk from Blockbuster online and its kind of funny. It reminds me of me, so I get a kick out of it.

Linda gave me my third season of Hogan's Heroes for Christmas. I absolutely love that show. Even though every episode is the same. I love each one.

There are 2 referrals for you.


mom2mine said...

Well, I just had to say Hi to Aaron! I wondered if I would ever catch him in the blog world, but there is no link to his profile! So Aaron if you are out there! HI!

Ann Marie, Sorry your Christmas was rough. Married life can do that. We argued on Christmas Eve day too, and I kept thinking. What are we doing? It will get better!


Ann-Marie said...

Thanks for the support!