Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise Sneak Peek!

As you may know, my family and friends threw me a surprise 30th birthday party this past Saturday. As the amazing planner and host of said-party, Mom has blogged the occasion and posted a slide show of the event on her blog. I’m planning to do my own post later, but I wanted to encourage you to check out her post for some great behind-the-scene photos!

Also, I had to comment on this photo. The pink balloon string hanging down makes it look like I’m taking a breathalyzer test before blowing out my candles. Rest assured, it wasn’t THAT type of party! My post on this fabulous party coming soon!


Juliet said...

Oh what fun it was to really surprise you. I wished I could get the video to download...it looks like you were going to faint.

Just love everyone in the sunglasses.

CANDICE said...

I was searching all over for you in the group pic... I proceeded to figure out you were behind the sunglasses hanging down from the fan...... LOL. It was fun. Love ya bunches.

Heidi said...

I look like a dork without sunglasses on, but there were not quite enough and my prescription ones were in the van. Oh well.
It was fun.