Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Meltdown

Okay, so I’ll be blogging about positive, life-affirming things….later. For now, allow me to tell you about my Monday so far…

This morning, I couldn’t stop sweating. Just getting ready, my hair got slicked down with sweat, and my make-up nearly melted off.

I was running late ALREADY, when I realized I couldn’t find my keys. I started to get frustrated (as those of you who know me well will recognize). I stomped around the house, yelling and screaming about how much I HATE summer, sweating, and stupid things like losing my keys.

My husband even got up (in the middle of the night for his second-shift schedule) and helped me look, using words like, “Calm down.” “Stop yelling.” “Relax!” That last one was pretty much a command. I’m a hyperactive monster when I’m frustrated.

Eventually, I found my keys. In the front door. Where they had been hanging for over 24 HOURS. So then, of course, I had to endure a ten minute lecture from my sleepy husband about how irresponsible it was to leave keys in the door, and how we could have been murdered in our beds. Of course, he talked to me like I was a nine year old child.

Which went over about as well as you think it did.

I raced out of the house, and sighed in relief to be in my ice cold air-conditioned office. Then, I banged my funny bone on my desk and managed to knock over my desk fan.

At this point, I announced to my entire office that if anyone had any nuclear material, they should steer clear of me, since I was pretty sure I’d set it off.

Thankfully, one of my co-workers had the foresight to bring in deluxe chocolate doughnuts, which just about got me back to an even playing field for a Monday.

Stay tuned. And keep an eye on your keys.

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Heidi said...

I have left mine in the door all night before and since I live in scary Rockford (near Swedish American Hospital for those of you who remember Ann-Marie's past posts) who knows what could have happened.
Thankfully we were protected by God on those times.