Monday, August 25, 2008

The A’s Have It!

When I was growing up, I was the only Ann-Marie I knew.

Some people liked to call me Anne Murray, after the singer (thank you, my dorky Junior High Youth Pastor, for pointing that out when I joined the youth group). Other people misspelled my name as Emery.

It wasn’t until I was done with college and working in the world that I started to meet other Ann-Marie’s. Sometimes, they were Ann Marie, Annamarie, or AnnMarie. I’ve even met a perfect match here in Rockford who spells her name just like mine, hyphen and all.

What’s been interesting is that almost ALL of the Ann-Marie’s (and variations) work in communications. These women are novelists, journalists, or specialists in public relations, advertising, or marketing – just like me.

It’s funny what a name says about you.

I’ve always wondered if it’s just a coincidence. I don’t think it is.

Either way, I was reading my e-mail and found a message from an Ann Marie Dori, PETA’s Coordinator of Caring Consumer Projects.

Somehow, it wasn’t all that strange to see this woman - who was doing her best to make sure monsters weren’t testing mascara on rabbits - was also named Ann Marie.

In situations like this, I’m very proud of my name and the other women who bear it!

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Juliet said...

Interesting info about other people who have the same name as you or a name close to it.

Dad and I named you after your grandmother Trotter...Annamarie. Since she died when your DAD was only 16 years old, we never got to meet be proud of that name.