Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Love about My Husband

1.) Kind
2.) Patient
3.) Chivalrous
4.) Affectionate
5.) Thinks I’m beautiful
6.) Understands my addiction to naps
7.) Could care less if the house is dirty
8.) Loves action movies as much as I do
9.) Complains when I don’t spend enough time with him
10.) Loves our bunnies with a sweet protectiveness
11.) Believes in me, my dreams, and the ability to accomplish them
12.) Listens, listens, listens to my constant stream of endless chatter
13.) Patiently waited four long years for me to finish college before we got married, just because I asked him to


Alice said...

That is so nice! I will add a fourteenth thing since I'm reading this on Friday: Rips his pants for the express purpose of providing amusement for all Ann-Marie's internet friends.

Seriously, he sounds like such a great guy!

Anonymous said...

It's good you take time now and again to list your appreciation = )

CANDICE said...

One request...Next Thursday thirteen...... What i love about Myself!

Ann-Marie said...

I hope I can boil it down to the Top 13 Things I Like about Myself.

I mean, my beauty in itself...

Such a difficult task! :-)