Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Loved About My Childhood

1. My Smurfette Big Wheel

2. The light pole in our front yard (very British-looking and perfect for all my imaginary stories – I met many a prince at that light pole)

3. My tire swing – I’d swing and sing at the top of my lungs

4. Jason Cook, my across the street neighbor and partner in crime

5. Yellow shag carpeting in the basement

6. The venetian blinds in my room (positioned above my desk so I could mail “letters” into the blinds and have them delivered to me instantly!)

7. Dad’s patched brown leather recliner

8. Chalkboard Contact paper Dad stuck to the kitchen cabinets so we could leave silly messages for each other

9. Mom’s no-limit-on-popsicles-because-they’re just-flavored-water rule

10. Dad letting me drive his Moped into the garage

11. Playing tennis against myself in the basement (I was good, but I was better)

12. The freedom to talk to myself anywhere about anything

13. Reading Archie comic books at the breakfast table (while my parents did their devotions, no less!)


CANDICE said...

kudos on the tire swing and archie comic books! They were awesome. Why didn't you add your water bed? I loved coming to your house and sleeping on it. That was one of the highlights.

Jennittia said...

It has been a week since I have read your posts-- I so enjoyed each one!! So sorry you were the victim of rondom crime- but it is rather funny! The mustard story just made me laugh!

WendyJanelle said...

These are great! I love teh mailing letters in venetian blinds thing. I should get rid of my daughter's shade, and get her some wood blinds.
The chalkboard paper is great, too. I didn't even know about that stuff! I was planning to paint one side of our toy shelf with chalkboard paint.
Tennis against yourself. Does life get better than that? I used to do that, too, practicing for the day I would beat my dad.

Alice said...

I used to play tennis against the garage. Good times. #9 is my fav though. Juliet rocks.

Ann-Marie said...

Alice - she does indeed!!!

Candice - I almost put the waterbed in. I loved it SO much, too!

Ann-Marie said...

Alice - I forgot to tell you - I was relegated to the basement for tennis practice, because I accidentally broke a window when I was playing against the garage!

Captainswife said...

I loved this post! Archie comic books were awesome. I used to love to read those too! I didn't have a tire swing, but I sure enjoyed our jungle gym!

Juliet said...

I REMEMBER IT WELL!!! did love riding the big wheel. And singing to the top of your lungs is something I will never forget..neither will the neighborhood!;0) Back then you were even "light and salt" to the world with your Christian songs being sung in your own backyard.


Robin Hayes said...

We used to walk to the grade school we lived by to play tennis against the brick wall side of the building. I lost more tennis balls on the roof that way, but it was hard to play tennis against our garage with a gravel driveway. :)

Cindy Swanson said...

Great job on your Thursday Thirteen, Ann-Marie!

If you want to go all out in participating, you can go to on Thursdays and leave a comment so the vast universe of TT'ers will know where to find your list. :)