Monday, May 12, 2008

Library Love!

It’s nice when the library loves you back!

About a month ago, I requested the library purchase The South Beach Dining Guide, and I just got an e-mail from the librarian saying they’ve decided to purchase it and that they’ll call me as soon as it comes in.

I love the library, and the library loves me. Wheeee!

Just to spread a little goodwill around, here’s a link to my favoritest library E-V-E-R!


Anonymous said...

The library...many libraries are GREAT! Hurray for your loving library = )

Heidi said...

I need to start taking my kids to the library.

Ann-Marie said...

I practically grew up at the library, since we didn't have a TV. My mom and I would go all the time. It's still one of my favorite places - I think of it like a store where everything is FREE.

My idea of heaven price tags.

Alice said...

Libraries are our friends.

CANDICE said...

What are libraries?

Juliet said...

I know that I love the Library here in Rockton. If they don't have the book on their shelves...they find it for me somewhere at another library.

And I too like the fact that I can check out magazines for FREE!!!