Thursday, February 21, 2008


As many of you know – and you know because I have bragged about it on many, many occasions – my Uncle Jimmy was in the FBI.

Growing up that was the coolest thing to tell people.

He is my Dad’s only living sibling, and when I was growing up in Rockford, the “other” Trotter family was growing up in Richmond, Virginia.

I didn’t see my Trotter cousins much, just a handful of times over the years, so it’s been great to re-connect with the other side of my family through the internet, specifically through blogging.

Uncle Jimmy – he goes by “Pappy” (apparently it’s a southern thing to nickname everyone within an inch of their lives) – started a family blog, and more recently started a political blog. Pappy (weird to type THAT) has a wealth of knowledge about government and our country in particular thanks to his life spent in service to our country.

Now, you know I am no political dynamo, but I know there are those of my friends out there who ARE. So, I encourage you to stop by and check out the new Trotter Political Chat blog and give your two cents.

The more comments, the better!

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Juliet said...

That was a good post. People better know their facts about politics if they want to comment. As you can tell...I've not let any comments. :0)