Friday, February 15, 2008

Etsy Ecstasy

I found the COOLEST site today! It’s Etsy and seems to be a giant craft fair online – only so much cooler. That description really doesn’t do it justice.

You HAVE to try the Time Machine feature! It’s sort of like Tom Cruise in Minority Report with all those cool screen graphics. I had a ball!

I typed “bunny rabbit” into the search feature and was amazed with what came back. Such ultra handmade goods!

I would totally buy things for my house/self if (a) I had the $$$, and (b) Brett wouldn’t kill me for making him live in a “gay” house.

Seriously, I DO NOT KNOW where he picked up “This is gay”/“That is gay” language for something being lame.

I mean, I KNOW teenage kids say it, but 38 year old men?

(I have to say it bugs me beyond end, since it’s discriminating, and if I get all bent out of shape about it and do the wife lecture, then he’ll be annoyed. That said, I’m hoping it’ll blow over.)

Speaking of what kids today are saying, did you know the latest teen girl catchphrase? If two (or more) girls are talking about another girl that they don’t like or think should change, they say, “She should go to rehab.”

I can back this up! First, I have it on good authority from two moms, and I heard it myself the other day from one of the teenagers I work with in my girl group.

We were talking and laughing, and she gave me a kidding shove, and said, “Oh, just go to rehab!”

Seriously! It’s all the rage.

Well, for two seconds, anyway.

Check out Etsy!


Alice said...

That site is groovy. Though I got a kick out of the tagline "buy and sell anything handmade"--and all the links are inanimate except "children." I can buy and sell children on this website too? Cool! :-)

Ann-Marie said...

Human trafficking? Anything to boost the economy, right?

WendyJanelle said...

Wow...gotta check that out, if they're really trading kids!! I wonder if I'd have to take two in exchange for Trevor. j/k

Doesn't surprise me in the least that you would check for bunny stuff... do you really decorate with bunnies, too? Not that it isn't totally cool.

The whole rehab thing...strange! I haven't heard that yet, but I'm not exactly in the teen circuit.

CANDICE said...

i bought the pink hat with white flower on there for brielle. I love that site. I'm going to buy some dresses for brielle too!

Juliet said...

That was fun! Never shopped like that before..great new way.

Perhaps we shouldn't have told Candice...just kidding.

CANDICE said...

i bought the hat before annmarie posted this site!! i already knew about it was too late a long time ago.

Ann-Marie said...

Wendy - I'm VERY selective about which type of rabbit things I decorate my house with - and I don't tell people, or (like the lighthouses) I'd get every cheesy bunny figurine in the Dollar Store for occasions.

But yes, I do have a nice (hopefully, classy) selection of rabbit-themed decorations.

Mom - definitely too late for Candice...I think we lost her to shopping a long time ago! :-)

WendyJanelle said...

Gotcha...I promise not to mail bunny decor! ;-)