Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Splendiferous Snowfall

I love winter. I love the snow. I love the white. I love the cold.

I can understand how weather affects people’s moods. I, myself, hate the summer months.

During the summer, I have to deal with the heat and humidity. I sweat like a pig under the hot sun. I wilt in the humidity. I live only for the air-conditioned bliss of “the inside” during those hellish months. Seriously, I believe that’s why when God created Hell, He made it a place of unbelievable heat, fire, and flames. I’m not making light of Hell; I’m just proving the correlation that “hot” can be profoundly unpleasant.

Think about it. Would you rather freeze or burn to death? Hmm. Tough choice. Me? I’ll take that key to the walk-in freezer and settle down for the ultimate long nap.

Summer also brings about the “taking off” phase. People have to take off clothes, wear fewer clothes, to be more comfortable. I, myself, would rather keep it all on. Fewer clothes mean more of me showing, and for now, I think I do society a favor the more clothes I keep on.

In the winter, you get to add clothes! You wear coats, mittens, scarves, and hats. I love adding clothes. Then, I can say, “Hey, I didn’t gain five pounds! That’s just the bulk from my coat!” Even when it’s not.

My grandmother agrees with me. She’s always told me that she loves winter, too. She loves curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the snow fall outside the window.

Of course, Grandma doesn’t drive, so that probably has something to do with it.

I drive. And today, we are expecting 3-6 inches of the white stuff to continue falling from this morning to this evening. A lot of the schools are closed. But, unfortunately for me and my co-workers, the Rockford Public Schools are NOT closed. One of the best things about my job is that when the Rockford Public Schools close due to inclement weather, so do we. But this morning, no such luck.

So, I made the trek to work in the barely plowed roads buried in the flurry of drifting and blowing snow. I made it safely, but my morning commute doubled from 30 minutes to an hour. Even after driving on the unplowed roads, almost sliding through an intersection, and being road bullied by truck people with all wheel drive, I still love winter.

I love the refreshing cold snap when I walk outside. I love that my make-up doesn’t slide off my face or my hair go limp like it does in the summer. I love that there are no lawns to mow and no ragweed to make me sneeze like Chihuahua in heat.

I may be in the minority. But I love winter. I love the snow. I love the white. I love the cold.

Bring it on.


Heidi said...

I have to comment on this one. I am one who hates winter. I love summer, on the West coast when it is not humid. I hate the humidity of summer (at least here in the midwest) too.
I do however like having on clothes, the more clothes the better as I also believe that I can do the world a favor if I leave them on.
I don't mind a little cold and a little snow just so we can say we had it and that we have four seasons. I just don't like the ugly trees with no leaves. It just looks so bleak.
I get tired of snow, for example, this past week is ridiculous. I think we have had enough all ready.
I am very thankful for a helpful neighbor who could never forgive himself if my large whale of a pregnant body fell down my front steps, so he blows off our front walk.
But, Ann-Marie, I am glad that God made people like you who love it and enjoy it and bring the light of winter into other people's lives.

mom2mine said...

Something we completely agree on. I would SO rather be cold than hot! I always joke that I am grouchy from June to September! LOL. I hate being hot!

I will admit that I enjoy winter a little less now that I have to drag four children through the snow. I hate the coats, hats, scarves and puffy snowsuits that don't fit in carseats.

Other than the kids... long live winter. Where are my fuzzy jammies?

Ann-Marie said...

It's funny you mention snow pants! Do you remember when we were kids at Berean and we had to wear culottes OVER our snow pants when we went on a sledding field trip out in public? I have never looked, nor felt, so very stupid!

Thanks for being a sister winter enthusiast! We are in the minority, I fear, but it's nice to be there together!

Jennittia said...

I, too, enjoy winter. "Sweatshirt weather" is my favorite, but there is nothing better than a fresh snowfall. Fond memories of making snow ice cream as a kid- tried to do it a few years back, but didn't turn out!!

Heidi said...

I had to wear snowpants under coulottes for our sledding activities with the church. Thankfully my parents did think that to be ridiculous. We were allowed on our Senior trip to wear ski pants BY THEMSELVES on the ski slopes in Oregon.

Ann-Marie said...

Heidi -
That NEVER would have happened at Berean - the ski pants OR the Oregon ski trip. We had to go to Washington D.C. on our Senior trip or nothing.

Ah, good times, good times.

mom2mine said...

I SO remember the culottes over snowpants. Don't forget the leg warmers! Leg warmers were for the truly spiritual who wouldn't be caught dead in snow pants!

senior trip... You know it was my borther's class that runined it FOREVER. That is why we all had to go to DC from then on. They went to FL and came back having had way to much fun.

Oh and pictures of mixed swimming without the tshirt *giggle*

Talk to you later!

Ann-Marie said...

I remember the HUGE falling out after the "bad" Senior trip, but I never heard what happened! Sounds pretty interesting...hmmm?

Yes, well the only thing worthwhile on our Senior trip (for me) was the visit to the newly opened (at that time) Holocaust Museum. My classmates were bored after a little while, but Mr. H. took me through the whole thing and told the rest of the class they could wait outside with Mrs. H if they wanted to. I've always been grateful to him for that. I was able to see the whole thing, and it made such an impact, that I'm really glad we "had" to go to D.C., so I guess it didn't turn out so bad after all!