Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Plumber’s Wife Revisited

The title of this post is based on an earlier entry where I discussed pastors’ wives. My conclusion was that a woman’s, any woman’s, spirituality rests on her own relationship with the Lord, not on her husband’s laurels, not matter how revered he may be.

The comparison I used was that just because a man might be a plumber doesn’t mean his wife automatically knows how to fix a toilet. We must all develop our own spirituality before God. We do not, necessarily, have the same gifts and abilities of our mate.

That said…

Well, it happened again. Pastor said we are having the wife of a Christian College President come and speak at our Ladies Bible Conference. Apparently, the speaker has written several articles, and we are “going to enjoy her immensely.”

Maybe so. I’ll probably like her. I don’t know her, so what I’m about to say is nothing against her personally.

I am just saying that ONCE I would like to have a woman come speak at a Women’s Bible Conference who isn’t married to anyone “churcheously” famous.

I would like to hear from a woman who is married to a typical Joe Schmo like the rest of us. I’d like to hear topics on “How to pray for your husband when he’s acting like a particularly stubborn farm animal.” I’d like to hear illustrations revolving around how to deal spiritually with a husband who won’t grow up or refuses to lead.

How about for those women who have unsaved husbands? Usually those married-to-a-churchy-famous-so-and-so speakers don’t address how to live Christ-like with an unsaved husband. Why would they? THEY don’t have to.

How about topics on “How to be a Christian wife to a husband who wants to go out drinking instead of staying home with his family.” You don’t usually see THAT addressed on the program.

How about someone who has lived in the trenches of a bad or strained marriage? Someone who can commiserate. Say, “I’ve been there. You’ll be okay. God loves you, too.”

Of course, all that, without mentioning the possibility of a woman who is single and is serving the Lord ALL BY HERSELF. I’d sure like to hear from someone like that.

Let’s mix it up a little, people.


Charity said...

Ann-Marie her name is Margaret Stringer. She is a 60 and some odd years single missionary to the cannibals and head hunters in papua New Guinea. she just retired 2 yrs. ago and we just had her come and speak at our church mission's conference. Her DVD made me cry. She has written a book about all of her experiences but I'm not sure what it is titled. Google Her! Charity

Heidi said...

We'll see how this one goes. If I go.
The speaker is not an issue for me, as I did really enjoyed the one we had for the last two retreats.
I am disappointed that it is not an overnight one as I look forward to that night away, though it would be bound to cost more.

October Dawn said...

Very well said. Thank you!