Monday, June 22, 2009

Wonder Woman Wipeout

Well, I’m stupid.

Altogether now – “How stupid are you?”

I am SO stupid that I have managed to seriously injure myself by simply not paying attention.

Allow me to explain.

This past Sunday, Brett went up to Geneva to spend Father’s Day with his dad. I begged off, since my OB has nixed any car trips over an hour this late in my pregnancy. While he was gone, I got a tremendous burst of organizing energy.

In the space of about five hours, I managed to completely pack my side of the study for the impending move. I also got a ton of personal papers shredded and put in trash bags. I felt amazing! I had been dreading the project, but after I tackled it, it went quickly. It produced a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

Near the end, I lifted one of the plastic containers up off the floor without thinking. Within about, oh, 1.2 seconds I realized the container was too heavy for me, and I staggered backwards before dropping it unceremoniously on the floor.

But, alas, it was too late.

In the middle of the night, I tried to get up to go to the bathroom. I was in HORRIBLE pain in my “nether regions.” It hurt to walk, to move, and even to slightly shift to one side (try going to the bathroom without doing any of that!).

As I hobbled back to bed, I realized I must have pulled a muscle (or all of them) with my stupid Wonder Woman move in the study. I was, however, able to go back to sleep. So, I knew it wasn’t labor or anything like that. I’ve been assured you cannot sleep though labor.

This morning, the pain had abated (a tiny, tiny) little bit. I didn’t want to unknowingly be putting Sam in danger, so I called my OB, and he said I’d better come in for a check-up.

I was (am still) so incapacitated, Brett had to help me with every tiny movement. It took me FOREVER to get ready.

They ran a battery of tests. The good news is that all the tests they ran on Sam came back with great results, and my OB was pleased. The bad news is that he concluded I had indeed pulled a vaginal muscle.

He was rather sweet when giving me the news. “Any other time, you might have hurt your shoulder or your knee, but unfortunately, this time, you hurt the muscle group that MATTERS!”

Yeah, he’s a comedian, my OB.

He recommended Tylenol for the pain, plenty of rest, and limited movement.

So, here I sit. In a lot of pain. Every little movement resulting in a torturous twinge. Regretting my stupidity and lack of attention.

Brett is waiting on me (the best he can), and I’ve got my laptop, a stack of People magazines, and a plethora of mystery books I can drown my sorrows in.

I hated taking a sick day from work to deal with this. I’m trying to save all my paid days for when the baby comes, but it just couldn’t be helped. I’m planning to try and go in tomorrow, even if I have to move at a snail’s pace.

I guess if nothing else, I learned that I can be pretty stupid and inattentive. But mostly, I learned that I am not now, nor will ever be, Wonder Woman.


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I'm so sorry!

Out of curiosity, what did you tell your boss? "Sorry, I can't come in because I pulled a wee-wee muscle?"

Man, I'm up too late and I've been around too many kids all day! ;-)

Juliet said...

Just thankful that baby & mother are fine...except of course for the pain.

Stay away, far away from lifting heavy objects. Let Superman do that.

Ann-Marie said...

Wendy - Thankfully, my boss is very open and has no concept of TMI! She's always sharing her health disasters with me, so I don't feel weird disclosing mine when I have to miss work.

The funny thing is that everyone at work is so worried about me (it's been awhile since anyone had a baby there) that they practically beg me not to come in when I don't feel good! They have visions of deperate dashes to the ER. So, it's cool, just really inconvenient for me, personally, to have to stay home.

I wish I'd thought of the wee-wee thing, though! :-)

Jennittia said...

Gotta love that nesting instinct!

Heidi said...

Jennittia beat me to that comment.

Ouch! need I say more?

October said...

Well, never mind wonder woman. You are "wonderful, Woman!"

Deb said...

That stinks. Pregnancy is hard enough and then to go and do that to yourself. You ought to ask Beth sometime what happened to her when she was pregnant with Mikayla. Terrible. Hang in there, woman, you are getting close. :) How exciting...


?? "Plethara" - good word. And "ouch"? too. Please don't confuse "wee-wee" (urinate) with vaginal - very different. Soon it will be all over and you'll be holding little Sam. Hope you feel better by now. Love, Aunt Carol
(You're going to wish I never hooked up on email???)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Heh heh. Actually, Ann-Marie spelled it right: plethora, meaning excess or abundance.

And here in the land of sun-kissed, "wee-wee" IS the vaginal area and "pee-pee" means to urinate. So you pee-pee with your wee-wee. Just to clear up any confusion. ;-)


Sorry - that's all news to me.
Aunt Carol