Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free & Funny

I don’t know what mailing list I got on, but this is one I want to stay on!

Every couple of months, Kohl’s sends me a free $10 gift card good on anything in the store. Now, I know they only do it so I’ll spend MORE than $10, but I never do. In fact, last time, I got two bottles of body wash on sale for exactly $10, and they didn’t even charge TAX. So, it was completely free.

You’d think Kohl’s would stop sending me gift cards when their data tells then I am shamelessly milking their system. But they haven’t so far.

I love going in and wondering what free thing I’ll be wandering out with later.

Also, if you are ready for a good laugh, you’ve GOT to check out this website. I was crying with laughter after just a few seconds.



Diana Chambers said...

can I get on that website TOO!!!
I LOVE free stuff also

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I want free Kohls!!!

Heidi said...

I get FREE stuff from JCPenney. I paid only sales tax on Jason's Father's Day gift. It was great.

Juliet said...

Credit goes to you for not spending more than the $10.00.

It's always fun getting those coupons.