Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weekend Weakling

I wrote this post on Sunday but couldn’t grab a wireless signal to post it! So, when I say yesterday – I mean Saturday!

Yesterday was quite the day.

I’d been doing pretty well all week. In spite of all the unemployment, foreclosure, money-involved goings-on in my life, I was actually physically feeling a mite better. I only had morning sickness twice.

For some odd reason, my morning sickness has switched time zones.

(Okay, I’m going to have to abbreviate “morning sickness,” but I don’t want to use “MS,” because that is a way more serious abbreviation for a way more serious disease. So, I’m going with “MOSI.” Sound politically correct (PC) enough for everyone? Okay and now back to our regularly scheduled post…)

Anyway, my MOSI used to be worse in the morning. I’d feel great during my shower, but afterwards, pretty consistently, I’d be studying the inside of a porcelain bowl (if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do). I learned, fast, not to eat ANYTHING before my shower. This way, I’d still have the nausea and sick feeling, but nothing would actually happen.

About this time, I figured out a significant MOSI trigger was a change in temperature. Whether it was going from a steamy shower to a regular temp room or going from my heated office to a cold parking lot, I was bent over and retching.

This is the MAJOR reason a confirmed winter-lover like myself is now THRILLED beyond belief the spring weather seems to regulate indoor and outdoor temperatures. I have felt so much better with the arrival of temperate weather!

As I said, I would usually have “shower sickness,” as I thought of it, then about three hours of touch-and-go, and then the majority of the work day would be okay. One co-worker told me I didn’t have MOSI, but instead had “afternoon health.”

Well, now, I still have the MOSI after my shower, but then I’m usually golden until the evening hours.

MOSI likes to show up after dinner (bad, bad timing) and before bed. As miserable as all this sounds, it’s actually preferable to me, since I can now go to work feeling pretty good, function well all day, and spend my sick time at home in private (except for lucky, lucky Brett).

As I said earlier, this week I’ve only been to Porcelain U twice. However, my MOSI came roaring back on Saturday and is still boarding today. This was VERY frustrating to me, since we (originally) had a busy weekend planned.

Michelle, our valiant HRS friend, was coming to pick-up the bunnies, and later, Brett’s sister had a birthday party and game night planned in Geneva. I was so ready to be active.

Instead, I felt like a gummy bear in a Cracker Jack box.

Brett and I kicked it into high gear (as much as I could) to get the bunnies and all their supplies ready for Michelle. Brett did the majority of heavy lifting and gathering while I got the bunnies in their carriers. For once, they all went easily and quietly. Thank the good Lord.

Michelle was amazing! She came and spent time with us as we said goodbye to the bunnies. She told us she would give us status updates and keep us in the loop. Then, we loaded up her van and waved goodbye to her and the three little furry friends who brought us such joy these past few years.

While it wasn’t easy to say goodbye, I have absolute conviction we are doing the right thing. We aren’t abandoning the rabbits to a shelter where they might be euthanized. We are entrusting their care to a wonderful, knowledgeable group of people who love rabbits as much as we do. I am so very grateful we joined HRS and are able to have this peace of mind during such an overwhelming time.

After bidding the bunnies goodbye, I told Brett there was no way I could muster up the energy to do anything else. He was an angel! He got me comfy on the couch and put in DVDs of House (Season 3) we got (for a $1!) from the video store. Then he went and DID DISHES!!! (it was like a miracle, but with a much stronger word).

I spent the rest of the day watching an entire season of House. It was nice, because it was entertaining, but bad because I kept wondering what symptoms I had! As much as I love that show, it makes me medically paranoid. Not to mention that two of the episodes were about “pregnancies in peril.” Talk about making a woman anxious!

I think I felt Sam kicking around, but I’m still not sure. The one thing everyone has said is that it “doesn’t hurt” when the baby kicks, and I have to say these…movements…I feel sometimes DO hurt. Not tremendously, but like a mini-cramp or a scrape. So, is it the baby? Or is it some random pregnancy pain? Am I a complete pain wuss? I just don’t know.

If I were an inventor, I would totally invent a “Womb Cam” that you can strap on your stomach and see what the baby is doing inside whenever you want to! That would be SO reassuring.

I hated having to bail on Brett’s sister’s party and game night. Brett was actually going to go by himself but got caught up in a House episode. He ended up falling asleep on the couch and missed the whole thing!

Oh, and just so you know how sick I really was (am) – when Michelle came to pick up the bunnies, I didn’t even shower! Now, those of you who know me, know I ALWAYS try to look my best in public or when I meet people. However, I literally met Michelle in my fur-blurred maternity sleep shirt and sweats. I didn’t shower; comb my hair, or even BRUSH MY TEETH!

This proves how icky, sick MOSI makes me. I can’t even summon the energy to do basic hygiene! (Again, I ask your sympathies for lucky, lucky Brett.)

Today, I woke up feeling mostly the same, although a little better for the extra sleep (not having to spring out of bed in the middle of the night to stop the bunnies from ripping up carpet).

I hope this passes by tomorrow, since I have a busy week ahead. Not that MOSI will care!


October said...

Just hang in there. It's worth it! And I'm glad Brett took good care of you!

Robin Hayes said...

It's so hard, Ann-Marie with the first round - everything is new and it's so easy to be paranoid - is this normal? not normal? and everything else you can think of asking. Hang in there! You have a gem of a guy!

Heidi said...

There is nothing normal in pregnancy. Just go with the flow and listen to the doctor. ANY questions, call them. That is what they are there for.