Thursday, March 05, 2009

Plainly Popular

After what happened today, I thought I’d better post an update of the Panera situation.

This morning I stopped by Panera for my weekly treat of a (hopefully) plain bagel and plain cream cheese. The restaurant was extremely busy (what bad economy?), and I was patiently waiting my turn behind about five people.

The tiny-girl server who had so long-sufferingly waited on me the past two times was busy ringing up customers. She looked up from her register, and our eyes met across the room.

She sent me a huge smile and enthusiastically waved her hands above her head. “We have plain bagels! We have plain bagels,” she shouted excitedly over the crowd.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, as the other bewildered customers looked at me and then back at her in confusion.

“That’s great,” I yelled back. “I’ll take two!”

In no time at all, the other customers had been redirected to another line, and I was practically ushered to her register where she had the bagels and cream cheese already packaged and waiting.

“Here you go! Now you and the baby will have a better day,” she assured me as I waved goodbye.

I couldn’t help but appreciate her cheery attitude and exemplary customer service.

So for those of you in the area, I feel duty-bound and customer-satisfied enough to highly recommend the Panera restaurant in Machesney Park on Route 173.

And if you see a tiny Asian girl working the register, be sure to tell her the pregnant lady who loves plain bagels sent you!

Also, as many of you know, this past Tuesday was the first official decade since my dad passed away. Mom and I both took the day off – her from her "busy" retirement schedule, and me from my actually busy schedule – to spend time together and remember the man who will always joyfully bind us together!

She has done a lovely post about our commemorative day on her blog. Head on over, and check it out.

Oh, and BONUS - you’ll see photos of my new pregnant self! I’m the one who looks like a weather balloon.


Rebekah said...

I'm glad you finally got your plain bagel & plain cream cheese

Saw the pictures - you look great!

Oh, and I loved the "Three Generations" picture :-D


a joyful nusiance said...

You look amazing Ann-Marie!! And 3 generations...that's some funny stuff!

Judi Rehfeldt said...

I just had to laugh outloud, I can just hear you saying "I'll take two!!" And the third generation picture you Ann-Marie. You are a blessing with your crazy humor!

Ann with an E said...

You look adorable with baby!!! You look so good and happy! God is good. Just wanted you to know I think of you from time to time and praise God for your miracle blessing and I am so excited for you and Brett as you await your little one!! Love you!

Robin Hayes said...

Weather balloon...HA! No way, Girl! You are beautiful.