Friday, March 06, 2009

Lowe Blow

As you all know, my husband was unjustly and somewhat nastily fired from the Lowe’s distribution center in Rockford.

You can read about it here.

Since then, we have boycotted Lowe’s completely. We mute the TV during Lowe’s commercials. We make derogatory comments whenever we drive by a Lowe’s, and we often tell our friends and acquaintances about our bad experience.

I’m sure none of it actually hurts Lowe’s bottom line, but it makes us feel better.

As you may also know, my husband (Lord love him) was born without a sense of humor. However, every once in a while, there is a spark of dry humor that rolls out at the most unexpected of times.

The latest round of Lowe’s commercials shows a variety of ways a “T” can be added to the end of the Lowe’s sign – making it “Lowe'st.” As is the “lowest” prices.

A jogger stretching forms a perfect “T” in front of the sign; a little girl breathes on a car window and sketches a “T” in the condensation; a broom handle intersect with the sign and forms a “T.”

Ad nauseam.

Last night, while we were watching TV, the Lowe’s “T” commercial came on. I hit the mute button, but the message was still obvious.

Brett looked at the TV in disgust and turned to me. “Instead of spending time adding all those 'T’s,' they should just put a ‘B’ in front of it!”

Ah, the man is not bitter in the least, is he?

Still, it cracked me up. Genuine humor from the statue I married is so rare I just had to share this little gem with you!


Tim said...

here, here...that's a good one. I have had my fair share of headaches w/ them and the Home Depot. Good post!

The Beard Bunch said...

Gary worked for Home Depot for awhile, so we can relate to the misery of working for these two home improvement centers. We boycott Home Depot and only shop at Lowes. (Sorry, Brett). That was a funny one, Brett; now, I will laugh whenever I see the commercial.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Haha!! I'm like Brett. The funny stuff just doesn't come naturally, so I'm very proud (as is my husband) when I "make a funny."

Good one, Brett, you've made your wife proud!

Heidi said...

We have not had very good luck with Lowe's either. We prefer home depot or Menards.