Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scare & Sympathy

I had an early morning scare today.

Brett and I went out to grab a quick bagel breakfast at Panera before I had to go to work. We took separate cars, since I needed my car today.

After I had parked the car, I got out and stepped in what I thought was a puddle. A split second later, I discovered I had been mistaken and what HAD been a puddle was actually a sheet of ice.

I went down hard on the ice in the asphalt parking lot. Thankfully, I caught myself, and my hands, knees, and hip took the brunt of the impact.

Still, I was immediately scared to death. Falling is one of those big no-no’s in pregnancy everyone warns you about.

I called my OB’s office, hoping I wasn’t about to come off as a complete hypochondriac. My OB’s nurse reassured me and said I should always call if there was any sort of accident.

After taking a few notes, she talked to my OB who said I would most likely be okay, since I had caught myself. He said I should call back if I experienced any cramping, bleeding, or severe lower back pain.

So far, everything is okay.

I think Brett was even more scared than I was. He immediately came to my aid and helped me into the restaurant. He also talked to the manager, and we filled out an incident report, just in case. The manager was very kind and felt horrible about the whole thing.

Still, it was one of those moments your heart just stops beating, because you are so scared. Phew! I’m still coming down off the adrenaline rush.

I also wanted to mention the homegoing of a dear Christian friend.

Oscar “Van” Vandervort was the "adopted grandfather" to legions of kids at Windsor Baptist Church, including yours truly. Van had an exceptionally sweet spirit and embodied Christ’s love in all his interactions.

I still remember how he used to give me a hug and encourage me every Sunday. He will be sorely missed by all of us who loved him!

I take comfort in knowing he stands now before his heavenly Father basking in God’s encompassing love, finally free from his long-suffered earthly pains.

He will no doubt join the “Saints of Windsor” already in residence, including my dad, Pastor Larsen, and John Haynie. What a time they will have!

Please pray for his wife, Luella, and the rest of the family as they mourn the passing of this beloved man.


Heidi said...

I fell once while pregnant. It is a scary thing.
You just get so front heavy and your body just goes out from under you.
Don't ever be shy about calling the doctor if you ever suspect ANYTHING.

Juliet said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Trust Baby and you are okay.

And we will truly miss seeing Van. But as we all know, heaven is the better place, especially when you are suffering daily.

Alice said...

It IS scary to fall. Glad you are OK!

a joyful nusiance said...

I glad to hear that you are doing well. I will continue to pray for you.