Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, I’m drugged up again.

I’m on so many meds for pregnancy that I’m starting to feel like my kid’s going to come out looking like Andy Warhol.

Since my nausea and morning sickness have continued unabated, I was finally prescribed “something” for the nausea. Only the $1.50-a-pill prescription didn’t work. So, now, I’m on a different medication, and the good news is that it works.


Only not yea, because it comes with a doozy of side effects.

The main side effect is drowsiness. I mean, extreme drowsiness. Like about an hour after I pop the pill, I’m ready for naptime. The sad thing is that I can hardly climb back into bed at 9:30 a.m.

Yesterday was the first full day on the new med. I was thrilled not to be nauseous, but fighting fatigue just as I’m starting my workday is exhausting. I found myself distracted, ditzy, and dizzy at work.

Later that night, I found myself extremely restless, practically bouncing from one couch to the other while watching TV, unable to keep a single coherent thought in my head.

I read the side effects on the bottle, and they’re all there!

So, today, I’m trying a different tack. I’m going to try to only take the med in the morning. If I can get through until 11:30 a.m. the drowsiness may start to wear off. Then, I’m going to try to control my during-the-day-and-night nausea with good old fashioned TUMS.

I do not want a repeat of that horrible restless feeling I had last night. And really, morning is when the morning sickness and nausea is the worst. So, if I can get off to a solid start but just tired, maybe I’ll be okay.

But, man, am I tired! I just want to not have to be at work when I’m this sleepy. I feel like I’m so unproductive. I hope I snap to in the afternoon as soon as the med wears off.

Pray for me.

And my drugs!


Valorie said...

(((Hugs))) Still praying for you. Hang in there.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I'm so sorry, girl! I remember it all too well. Are you eating lots of mini-meals? I felt much MUCH worse whenever my stomach got empty.
My first prescription didn't work either. sigh.
I've heard that ginger can help, but I never tried it.
I'll continue praying for you, that little baby of yours, and the meds & fatigue... hang in there!!

Heidi said...

gotta love drugs!! Also I heard those "preggie pops" work as well, though I never tried them. They sell them at babies R us and at Motherhood maternity.