Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flying Colors for Ginger O’s

Well, what is it they say? One out of three ain’t bad?

Of my three “natural” nausea remedy cures, only one passed the test. Newman’s Own Organic Ginger O’s have been very rich, delicious, and help curb my nausea, especially at night.

I haven’t been able to even go near the crystallized ginger since my last bad experience. Even thinking about it being in my cupboard makes me a little sick.

I had high hopes for the organic ginger ale, but it was a bust. I mean, it was definitely ginger ale, really, really “gingery” and all, but nasty.

I almost had a repeat of what happened with the crystallized ginger. So, not good.

So what’s another $20 down the drain? With the ginger ale, that was literally the case. My bottle went down the drain. I passed off another bottle to a co-worker whose son loves ginger ale, and Brett drank (and even liked) the other two bottles.

Still, it wasn’t a complete waste, as at least I found my Ginger O’s. My emergency pack of Ginger O’s now goes wherever I go.

My complete emergency pack consists of the aforementioned Ginger O’s, fruity-flavored TUMS, a sleeve of saltine crackers, a bottle of water, and a plastic covered bowl for any time there is not a parking lot handy.

I hope (dearly) that I am not boring you all with the mundane details of my pregnancy. I can’t help it, as I seem to only be able to write of whatever situation in which I am currently embroiled.

The problem with being transparent, is that when you’re boring in real life, you’re really, really boring to other people.

These days, the breakdown of my brain power seems to be 50% worrying about getting sick, 40% actually getting sick, and 10% the rest of my life.

I have actually been encouraged by three friends who were also sick during their entire pregnancy (although I am still holding out hope it might stop for me sometime before the nine month mark). They’ve all been quite positive that I can make it through, just as they did. I sure hope so!

So, dearest (and hopefully not bored) friends, if you hear of any other “natural” nausea remedies, please let me know. As you can see, I’m not above trying anything!

P.S. – I’ve decided to completely stop taking the nausea meds. The side effects were just not worth the relief. So, you can see why I’m now on the hunt for more natural remedies.


a joyful nusiance said...

Have you tried sucking on lemons??

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

She's not kidding. Citrus really is supposed to help some, even though that would seen counterproductive for your stomach. Even the smell of citrus can help, I've heard.

I've always heard that bland foods are better... but HATED hashbrowns and, instead, craved Mexican & salads.

I'm so glad you discovered the Ginger O's. Gotta love that picture on the box, too!!

You are not "boring." You are REAL! And this is/was life for many of us. That's what friends are for. :-)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Hmmm...I suppose you could always try those pressure point motion sickness wrist bands, if you are really up to trying anything! :-)

Juliet said...

You mean to say that I didn't need to make you those homemade gingersnaps?

I'm glad you did find something that works.

Ann-Marie said...

Oh man, Mom, those ginger snaps were the BEST! Of course, you should keep making them for me.

:-) YUM!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I can't help myself...your blog should read "la estupida" not el stupido...close but no cigar. Whew! I feel better = )

Ann-Marie said...

I'm sorry, Tob! Improper Spanish must bother you as much as improper English bothers me. I'll fix it!