Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Inhumanity of Humidity

Well, our air conditioner is blown. It finally snapped. Gone. Poof.

We thought it had been knocked out by a recent storm, but it turned out our unit was just old and ready to die.

And DIE it did.

I was getting ready for work today, and by the time I did my hair and put on my make-up I was dripping sweat (the hair went flat, and the make-up slid right off).

I believe I screamed something like, “I can’t live like this!” about five times, increasing in volume each time.

My dear, sweet husband (who kindly tolerates my frustration at heat and humidity) let me sob on his shoulder. This resulted in soaking his shirt - not from my tears, but from the freakish amount of sweat pouring out my overworked glands.

Of course, news of an AC crisis is not welcome at any time, but especially not this week which the overly-excited meteorologists are predicting as “the hottest week of summer yet.”

So, we are having to shell out an outrageous amount of money (akin I’d like to believe to selling our souls) to purchase a new unit. An expenditure of this magnitude would (again) not be welcomed at any time, but especially now – with Brett still unemployed – it is wicked inconvenient.

When Brett called to break the news, I was kind, sweet, supportive, and said what every good wife would say in this situation.

“I’m going to my mother’s.”

And, indeed I am.

Just as Mom and Gary have lost one houseguest (my Aunt Linda), they are gaining another one (me). Actually, Mom was exceedingly gracious when I asked if I could stay with her for a couple of days.

She said, “Did you think we’d get lonely without Aunt Linda?”

Then, she said, of course, I was welcome to come and stay with her and agreed I can’t show up for work looking like a sweat hog. Which is actually a rather generous term for what I look like in the heat and humidity of northern Illinois.

Mom also had the brilliant suggestion for us to move the bunnies to the basement. The poor things are practically panting with the heat, even though we have two fans on them and have replenished their water bowls with ice.

So, my husband is reverting to his bachelor status and becoming a single bunny parent, at least until Friday – when it appears Pearson may (no promises…they say) come and install our new unit.

I promised for better and for worse, but no one said anything about heat!


Alice said...

That is brutal. I don't blame you. And why can't air conditioners cost, oh, say $50.00? That would be reasonable, wouldn't it?

Cheers for Gary and Juliet and their air conditioned house!

Heidi said...

I remember when we had that storm 5 years ago. Our power was off for 3 days and it was the hottest week of the year to that point. My girls were on their heart monitors which had to be recharged every 24 hours.
My mom was here that week and her and I and the babies ended up in a hotel (which because it was the last one in Rockford cost more than we really wanted to pay)so that we could re charge the monitors and get out of the horrid heat.
Think about those people who lived without AC not that very long ago; or those people who went by wagon train to the last frontier for a better life.

Juliet said...

So glad that I had just changed Aunt Linda's sheets and stored all her items in the closet. Ann-Marie come on over!!! The AC is on and I'll even make it cooler for you!

Trust Brett will be okay without the AC.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Yes, deep down, I know why you don't live in my neck of the woods. I really do. In fact, our air conditioner works sporadically...and sometimes just pretends to work (like now). Then fan goes and it whirs and etc...but the house doesn't cool. Maybe I'll call someone about that tomorrow....but we'll probably just go swimming instead.
On the other hand, what if your heater went out in the dead of winter...would you stay at your home away from home then? Because I would find one in that case!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, that totally stinks! I HATE paying for things that are just supposed to last forever. I know you're probably thinking about how many beads that could buy. I don't want to fix Fred's car, because I can just envision my much-hoped-for living room rug becoming a magic carpet and flying out of sight forever. Sorry, I just hate shelling out money, too.

Heat-- okay, that makes me laugh SO hard! October knows I'm rolling. We spend SO much time outside. At 8:30pm tonight, it was still 87 degrees outside.

But like Tob said, if my heat went out, I'd seek shelter elsewhere. Funny that Tob actually said that. This is the gal that apparently doesn't believe in wearing coats.

Ann-Marie said...

Wendy - I was Tob's roommate in college, so I can tell you from personal experience that she can, indeed, be that way.

I remember it being frigid cold in the dead of winter in CHICAGO. We'd go for a walk, and she'd just wear her green sweatshirt with Tweety Bird on it. Seriously. (Well, and jeans too, of course). I think she may be immune to cold.

I know I'm a huge baby when it come to heat and humidity - but apparently it makes me grumpy enough that the people who love me endeavor to keep me in AC. (said the prima donna!)

Deb said...

You think it's bad in Northern Illinois...you should come down here to Florida! You'd shrivel up and die. I hate the heat and humidity, too, so I here ya'. If we were out of cool air I'd sell all to get it back. Hope you get yours fixed soon!