Tuesday, July 08, 2008

12 Going on 20

Do you remember when twelve year old girls used to dress like twelve year old girls?

My friend Cindy just posted an excellent essay on the reemergence of modesty in the fashion world. If you’re tired of the twenty year old twelve year old, check it out for some great insight, laughs, and links!

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Heidi said...

You know, we were just talking about this on Saturday while we were at the American Girl place in chicago. You see all these 8 year old girls dressing like they are 21, but they are buying American Girl dolls, so which are they, little girls or adults?
If you want to dress like your doll, you are not going to find one of their dolls in tummy showing halter tops and short shorts (at least not in the short time that I have been familiar with A.G. products).