Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Only Four More Months ‘Til Fall

Despite the long respite.

Despite my trying to prevent it.

Despite it all…

Spring has finally arrived.

The birds are yapping, the neighborhood kids are yelling, and I’m perspiring like a hog about to be butchered. This morning my bangs were drenched with sweat before I even reached the front door.

What a blessed season. (See sarcasm: Webster's Dictionary)



Heidi said...

Fall only means Winter. Yuck!! YAy. Spring is here!! woo hoo.

The Beard Bunch said...

Two things to make you happy: 1)Air-conditioning and 2)No more puffy coat. :)

candice said...

Congratulations! Your blog is likeable! lol. wow. It really is though. Now that you don't have the puffy coat you have a manchoo (sp) Well maybe Brett has another surprise for you? Aren't you excited? lol. Enjoy the airconditioning. I know I will.

WendyJanelle said...

Okay, ya know I love ya, girl, but WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? ;-)

You. don't. like. spring? I have NEVER met a person who does not like spring? What's not to like??? The best part?- Spring leads into summer. Oh, glorious summer! The heat, the pool, the picnics and parties, sundresses, straw hats, bug catching, sidewalk chalk, bike riding. Oh, how I love spring and summer!!

Alice said...

And see, I didn't find this post very likeable. At all. Everyone likes spring.

I bet you don't like kittens, puppies, and butterflies either.

Ann-Marie said...

Spring is sticky. Allergens are invading en masse - ask me, I'm sneezing up a FIT. And crime is up. So there - heat brings out the bad guys.

Hell is hot, my friends.


What's that? I can't hear you over the icy blast of my air-conditioning!

:-) Sarcasm - all the way around!

Heidi said...

Winter is expensive. A.C all ready? I love the open windows and fresh air.