Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Note from Agnes

Every so often, I glimpse a little bit of myself in my family.

Today, I received a thank you note from Grandma for our Mother’s Day gift to her. I had to smile while reading it, since it sounds very much like my own personality coming through. I’d like to share it with you.

Keep in mind Grandma’s in her 90’s and still as sharp as a tack.

(Parenthetical comments are mine)

Dear Brett and Ann-Marie,
Thank you for the gift card you gave me for Mother’s Day. It sure was a very enjoyable time. I hadn’t expected to have any company (Grandma had 12 children and has over 100 grandkids, great grandkids, and great-great grandkids, and she didn’t expect anyone to remember her on Mother’s Day?!).

I sure enjoyed the KFC (Mom was going to order a nice meal from an upscale place, but Grandma had her heart set on KFC, so we had KFC) and another party on Monday (Mom’s birthday party). More kids, food, and fun.

Then your mom took me on Monday to the foot doctor, and we enjoyed Culver’s – quiet, peaceful, and onion rings (I don’t usually equate quiet and peaceful with onion rings, but to each her own. And Grandma LOVES onion rings).

I sure enjoy eating, especially good food (me too, Grandma, me too).

I’m so excited about Sammy. Can hardly wait. Who will he look like? Red hair? Freckles on his nose? No?


That’s Agnes Theresa Rehfeldt for you! She’s a funny, classy lady, and I’m proud to claim her as my grandma. And Sam’s soon-to-be great-grandma!

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Juliet said...

I also got a great note from her. Isn't it great that at 91, she can still write.

One great LADY! My mom, your grandmother.