Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fainting Queen

Oh my, I feel faint! (Imagine me in a sweeping southern abode with my hand dramatically pressed to my forehead.)

Apparently, dizziness is WAY common during pregnancy, but since I have high blood pressure (anyway), I dropped like a rock today. There I was - one minute lifting Hannah up so Brett could brush her, and next I’m thrusting Hannah into his arms and lying prostrate on the laundry room floor.

Of course, I freaked out thinking it was this big deal having to do with my stupid HBP, but three pregnancy books and a Google search helped me relax. Apparently, I’m not supposed to just “spring” out of bed, or from sitting to standing, or lift heavy objects (Hannah, by the by, is a lead weight with fur.).

I think it actually scared Brett more than it did me (and not just because he had a plump, squirming, rabbit in his arms). He was very sweet, helping me to get to bed where (kind of scary) it took me almost an hour to feel like getting up again…which I did slowly.

I know I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac, but I’m a Soderstrom now, and it’s their family tradition. Just to be sure, I’m checking in with my OB on Monday. This stupid HBP just complicates everything.

Has anyone else fainted or felt dizzy during pregnancy, first trimester? Advice? Ideas?

Oh, and I have to share a cute comment I overhead at the Soderstrom Christmas Party.

My youngest nephew, Joshy, is ten. After Brett and I announced our big news, Joshy’s mom, my sister-in-law Dawn, explained how our baby will be Joshy’s cousin.

“No, Mom.” Joshy protested. “It’ll be our second cousin.”

As Dawn tried to explain how Brett was “Dad’s” brother, so the new addition would be Joshy’s first cousin, Joshy explained, “No way, Mom. It’ll be a BABY and WAY too young to be our first cousin!”

Isn’t that cute?!


Colleen said...

so sorry that you fainted..just take it easy and try not to dwell on your negative can drive yourself nuts by doing so!!!! congrats again!!!

Anouk said...

Oooh! I'm glad you're OK - fainting in a place with sharp corners can get dangerous! :) Praying you feel better and get lots of rest. I need to see you soon and give you a mom to mom hug! We'll be "official" mothers in the same year!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Ann-Marie, I actually have extremely low bp (dropped below 80/40 when I was in labor,and usually runs 90/50) and I regularly feel dizzy. It was worse during pregnancy. Several times I told my older kids to speed dial my mom if I ever fainted (and then I explained exactly what that would look like, in case they weren't sure!)
It is common, although rather unnerving!
Like the books said, just get up slowly, stay hydrated, and be careful. :-)

Alice said...

When pregnant with Lucy, I fainted (at around 12 weeks)--I fell from the dining room into the living room, crashing my face into the door frame as I went. It was lots of fun. I had been making french toast in the kitchen, and I guess it had just gotten too hot in there. In addition to watching blood pressure, you need to watch your blood sugar too now...good times!

CANDICE said...

Hey I hope you are feeling better! I just got dizzy sometimes. You can always call your Dr. If you are nervous just ask the nurse that is on call there. You will have to be careful with HB. They might want to see you on monday to make sure your bp is normal. Well love ya, call me if ya need something or wana talk.

Juliet said...

Well dearest daughter of mine, my friend Jackie told me about this event before I read it on your blog. Then she felt bad for telling me. That was because I said, "Well, she didn't call her mommy."

I always get faint whenever I jump up to quick. I think mine is however due to old age.

Glad that you have recovered. Remember to get up slowly.

Heidi said...

I never fainted but I do remember getting dizzy on occasion.
Hope you feel better. Remember it will pass.