Monday, October 20, 2008

Leading Men

A particular male cousin of mine often accuses me of “reverse sexism.” In other words, sometimes I objectify, group, and stereo-typify men in such a way that I, myself, might protest if done to women. Well, today is one of those days. So if you are male, I would suggest you might want to stop reading at this point. Because, although I plan on being respectful and courteous, I’m about to talk about men as objects.


OOOA (yeah!)

Recently, a friend and I were discussing a particular TV show. She mentioned to me one of the men on the show was (to quote her) “hawt.” This was a revelation to me, since I had seen this show and the word that came to mind was not “hawt,” but “old.”

And then I got to thinking…I’m old.

Well, I’m 30, anyway, and the leading men of my generation are not the same as the cute, metrosexual young men of Hollywood today.

Still, I will always feel warmth and affection for the then choirboy-faced Ralph Macchio as he crane-kicked his way into my heart. Or Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s preppy Zach as he pined for cheerleader Kelly. Or Luke Perry’s rebel Dylan, the swoon-worthy 90210 leading man, whose poster adorned many a locker, even in my conservative Christian school.

My friend with the hawt detective grew up a generation slightly ahead of mine, and her detective graced the 80’s with his suave moves and ruggedly handsome face. Another 80’s friend regaled me with stories of her leading man, Rick Springfield, who I had never heard of.

For a long time, I thought she meant Bruce Springsteen who I had (at least) heard of.

Another friend confirmed Mr. Springfield’s hawtness (if you will), and I began to realize we all have leading men in our own generation.

Those men who remain in our minds, forever adored, thanks to memorable roles in music, movies and television shows. Men who defined the awaking realization of our own unique girlhood.

The first moment your heart leaped into your chest, the first name you scrawled on your notebook, the first kissing dream you had. The moments that still make you squeal inside. That voice, that smile, that knowing tip of the head.

I remember the first time when Christian Slater’s Will Scarlett broke through the brush after being unjustly imprisoned and screamed -

“It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. But I found myself daring to believe you. What I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you've started?”

Hold on. Wait. Okay. *fans self*

Back on topic.

All in good fun, what I want to know is...what leading man do you still remember from your generation and for what role?

(P.S. – I love my husband, and he completely knows about and understands my Christian Slater/Will Scarlett obsession. And apparently, he’s still hot over someone named Kelly McGillis?)

Back to the Will Scarlett fantasy still in progress…


Alice said...

YOU NEVER HEARD OF RICK SPRINGFIELD?! All chicks dig Rick Springfield.

And Mark Harmon IS hawt. Anybody with me?

There. I've blown my own cover. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Man from Snowy River....and the McGregor saga version of the same...don't ask me who they are for real. I have no idea.

psturg said...

Linda Sturgill . . . she makes me burn all over :) It can go both ways, right?

Ann-Marie said...

Okay, I know it's my post and all, but I vote for:

Colin Farrell
Mark Wahlberg
Vin Diesel
Joaquin Phoenix

CANDICE said...

Brad Pitt in a River Runs Through it. ONLY in that movie am I crazy about him. I love Richard Gere in Pretty woman. DRool. I don't really dream about actors.

CANDICE said...

* never heard of Rick Springfield either.

Ann-Marie said...

THANK YOU! Angie totally dissed me for not knowing who that was!

Charity said...

I have a hard time thinking of people as "hawt" I really dislike the term. Anyways :) I have always thought Nicolas Cage was the MAN. I also really like John Cusack I know..I know not really cute but he is my kind of guy.

Laura Brown said...

Well, this probably isn't typical of my generation, but yesterday I was happily looking at a photo of a young Dmitri Shostakovich (my favourite composer, see picture on right-hand side of my blog), and my husband offered to get me a calendar with a pin-up of him for every month. The sad thing is, I would totally buy one of those if they existed.

When I was a kid I had a crush on Alasdair from You Can't Do That on Television. I wonder whatever happened to him?

Ann with an E said...

Hmmm. Brad Molander ring any bells to anyone. Now HE was "HAWT"! Smokin'!

a joyful nusiance said...

I swear I LOVE BETh!! She makes me laugh!! ANYWAY.......I would have to say Matthew McConaughey. Now he's hawt. And Tom Cruise in his early years.

Ann-Marie said...

Oh, Julie! I'm so thankful for you! I had the BIGGEST crush on Tom Cruise in the mid-90's, but I've been afraid to admit it ever since he went off the deep end. I had posters of him all over my college dorm room - it drove my roomie CRAZY. I adored him!

And yeah, I probably should have said this, but...spouses don't count - Lord love 'em, but I'm being UNrealisitic, here. :-) Oh, hey, count 'em if you want to, right?

Heidi said...

I know I am a little late to this conversation, but I liked Andre Agassi with his long hair back in the day.
I thought that looked like Christian Slater from Robin Hood with his little merry tune when he trips Robin Hood (Kevin Kostner) with the rope as he crossed the river. Actually that is where he challenged Robin later in the movie.
Anyway, I have always liked Harrison Ford (I know he is old).