Thursday, October 09, 2008

Her Humble Highness

I received this thank you note from my grandmother after her 91st birthday.

Dear Ann-Marie,

I’m so glad you could come to my birthday bash. It was awesome; your mother did such a good job.

Your presence lit up the place, and your poem was well done.

Perhaps just a wee bit exaggerated?

God bless you.

Grandma Rehfeldt


CANDICE said...

Grandma wrote Just a wee bit exagerated or you did? Lol. Grandma is funny and your presence always does lite the place. Your poem was wonderful.

Ann-Marie said...

Grandma wrote it. She thought I was praising her too much.

Like that's even possible.

Alice said...

She is too cute!

Juliet said...

You know that I just love that photo of my mother taken at your wonderful wedding.

It was a fun party! And my mother means what she says...just ask her.

Charity said...

Aah ha ha ha!!! :)

The Beard Bunch said...

Oh, I love it :) Does Grandma exaggerate???? I never knew a Rehfeldt to do that. (Hee, Hee)

Ann-Marie said...

Us? Never in a million years.

Cindy Swanson said...

Grandma Rehfeldt is wonderful...I feel privileged to know her!