Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Catch-Up!

It is I – the absent blogger!

My sincerest apologies for my prolonged absence over the past…week or so. My real life – as opposed to my virtual life - has been unbelievably busy!

At work, our busiest season is fast approaching. And the person in charge of said season recently left our company to pursue another career. Which leaves me, my boss, and our department in charge of the entire thing – with only two weeks notice!

It’s challenging learning new things, and I am enjoying myself. I will be working more hours, though, so I’m left with less time to blog.

However, my boss “made” me take an extra week off this December. Our office also closes the week of Christmas Eve to New Year’s, so combined, I have two weeks off!

I’ve just finished the first week, and I’m looking forward to the second.

I know you are probably thinking, “Well, if you’ve had all this time off, why haven’t we heard from you?”

That’s because I’ve been SO busy! I worked last Monday, and Mom and I went Christmas shopping on Tuesday, as we had originally planned. However, Mom’s car decided to STOP working on her, and so I became Mom’s chauffeur for the next couple of days!

Mom had a LOT of errands to run!

I always have such a good time with Mom, so it was really nice to spend time with her during the holiday season. We also saw a sappy Christmas movie, The Perfect Holiday, with Candice.

This past Thursday (and EARLY) Friday morning, Brett, Angie, and I went to see I Am Legend and (at 12:02 a.m., Friday morning) the very first showing of National Treasure 2. It was us, and about 100 or so teenagers from local church youth groups.

In other news, I’ve got one heck of a cold. I’m not sure where I picked it up, but it’s got me sneezing and blowing my nose. Not to mention the head congestion!

I’ve been self-medicating myself with various doses of Dayquil, Nyquil, and 44M. Actually, when I’m in my drug induced haze, I have no idea I have a cold.

Mom says I’m in denial.

Apparently, it’s quite obvious to others that I have a cold.

Even my husband, who has the nurturing ability of a Venus flytrap, asked, “Are you okay?”

It’s a rare concession, as Brett is (undoubtedly) the WORST nurse. It’s not that he doesn’t care. He just “forgets” that I’m sick. It’s more absentminded neglect than anything.


Hidey-ho…you know, I told him that if I’m ever incapacitated to put me in a nursing home, since I would die from neglect if he tried to take care of me himself.

Hey, if something DOES happen to me, could somebody PLEASE check on me and talk Brett into setting me up at a nursing home? PLEASE?!!!

So, it’s Saturday, and I’ve got a full day of wrapping gifts ahead of me, along with what I hope will be LONG cold medicine-induced naps.

I just wanted to get everybody caught up while I’m still in clear-head mode.

I hope to blog more in the next few days…although, I’ve got holiday parties up the whazoo and a baby shower TWO DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!

Pray for me…if you get a chance. Thanks!

In case I don’t get on here again until after Christmas… Merry Christmas to you and yours – from me and the Venus flytrap.


psturg said...

I hope you all have a good Christmas eve party. Linda and I are unable to come due to lack of vacation (I wish I could take a week of yours). Mike and Danielle are planning on being there for the party. We will miss you all. Have a wonderful time with your parties over the next week or so.

Ann-Marie said...

Hey, did'ja ever notice how "P-Sturg" sounds like your "rap" name?!

I CANNOT tell you how SAD Brett and I are that you guys aren't going to be there. We are totally going to miss you!

If we'd only known this LAST year...we wouldn't have spent all Christmas Eve fighting in the car!

We'll be thinking of you - and wishing you were here so we could sit around and make wisecracks that only the truly sarcastic can undestand while we Rehfeldt-like interupt our spouses!

Love ya!

The Beard Bunch said...

Your story sounds oh so familiar----busy (even though I have a couple weeks off), much sickness and medication, and I don't know about the Venus fly trap thing????? :) How was National Treasure 2? We have all been wanting to go see that. Do you recommend???? I will greatly miss the Rehfeldt family get together. Wish we could webcam it or something. Love ya, girl!

Juliet said...

You are sick!! But you better get well..I need you, as always.

Thanks for driving me around. Love, Mom

Ann-Marie said...

National Treasure 2 was okay. I would save it for a rental or Netflix. Not nearly as sharp as the first one, and other than the fantastic Helen Mirren - the other actors phoned it in. They knew they were going to get a big payday, so there was hardly any effort to make it a good movie. I'd give it about two stars (and that's being generous).

Heidi said...

Interesting. Everyone else I have talked to liked it.

joy said...

i'm just glad to hear you're alive, Ann-Marie!!

and i agree, P-Sturg sounds SOOO like a rap name.