Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being Conservative

I have become, like many of you, a Facebook addict.

I don’t obsess over it. However, I do feel something akin to loss and slight instability if I don’t check it at least once a day. Or twice a day. Or anytime I have a free hour.

It has become a burden to me, on many levels, and yet not one I’m willing to give up. (Never fear, at the end of this post, I will not be swearing off Facebook.)

Things I didn’t care about in the least, things I didn’t even know, are now common, even necessary, knowledge to my everyday life.

There are so many rants that have been done about Facebook, and I have to say all the best ones are already out there – people who join groups, people who join stupid groups, people who post things to provoke controversy, people who use hearts and smiley faces (guilty!), needy people who post co-dependent statuses, etc.

But that said, I have to put my own unique spin on what cracks me up.


Here it is – people who “like” the group – Being Conservative.

Really? I mean, really? You “like” Being Conservative?

Okay, okay, well let me pare down why that makes me laugh every. single. time.

Thanks to my IFB-screwed-up background, every time I hear the word “conservative”, I picture zealous diatribes about female modesty, denim jumpers, and the ever-dreaded culottes.

So every time I see someone “like” Being Conservative, I picture them wearing culottes. And some of them, most of them, look pretty ridiculous. With men, it’s especially funny.

Me, I don’t “like” Being Conservative.

Being Conservative sounds boring and staid.

I mean, I’d like Being Passionate, Being Exciting, Being Fun, Being Joyful, etc. But, Being Conservative? Snore.

Being Conservative sounds like a root canal is about to take place.

So, I’m just saying - if you "like" Being Conservative, just realize - somewhere out there, someone is going to be visualizing you wearing culottes, and you are going to be looking pretty ludicrous.

And that’s something I can imagine Being Passionate about.


a joyful nusiance said...

Reading this I can HEAR you speaking it. It made me giggle. Don't ask me why. :)

I don't like being conservative. I like being right.

Soaring High said...

Just ran into your blog via Wendy-Janelle's blog. I thought you looked really familiar and then saw I was at Moody Bible Institute the same time as you! I transfered to JBU in 2000 and ended up marrying an Arkie and have lived here every since. I loved your post. It expressed what I grew up with and I had a great laugh! Coullates (never was a good speller) are dreadful! My maiden name was Musgrave

The Kampers said...

found your blog through Vanessa Lake, and this post cracked me up to no end! I love it! And I am right there with you! Thanks for the laugh!


MrsBlick said...

I totally get what you mean! I have to admit that when I hear the word "conservative" I think Berean Baptist Church and when I hear the word "culottes" I think legalism. Have to admit I am a conservative person although I pray I will never have to wear a pair of culottes ever again!

Alice said...

Yes, culottes and those "modesty" swim jumpers! I just saw some of those at a splash park the other day. On little kids! It was nuts. I "like" your blog because you "dislike" Being Conservative.